Top 7 Countries To Live In The World

1- The Netherlands


  • The Netherlands not only has a reputation for safety, but it excels financially in comparison to a lot of countries. It is very much an equal opportunity country when it comes to the work place, proudly boasting the lowest wage gap between males and females. This would be a great option if you’re looking for a place to start a career. You can try to start a business by moving here.


2- Sweden


  • Sweden is famous for its free health care and free education, which not many countries can boast. Though the taxes may be high, so are the wages, so you could comfortably set up a good life there and it would be a great place to start a family.


3- Canada


  • Once again Canada offers free education and free health care, which would be fantastic to start a family in. It’s also a beautiful country that you’ll be dying to explore. You’ll have no problem travelling and seeing what the country has to offer.


4- Greece


  • This is a country rich in culture and beautiful landscapes. Due to the recent financial issues that Greece has had, it would be very affordable to move there as many properties are on sale for low prices.


5- Iceland


  • Iceland has one of the longest life expediencies of any countries and it’s easy to see why. This country is beautiful, has high wages and low taxes. Meaning that you’ll have a nice stressful life while living there.


6- England


  • Once again this country offers free health care, as well as free education until university level. England has plenty of available homes for reasonable prices, as well as having many area options that would fit into your own individual needs.


7- America


  • America is popular for its freedom of speech and the amount of opportunities that are available there. America is also very welcoming of freedom expression and is a very progressive country where people are able to comfortably live as they please, this can not be said for all countries and if this is particularly important to you, America is a fantastic living choice.

7 Irish Celtic Knots and What They Mean

There has been much speculation as to the meaning of Celtic Knots and their purposes within modern culture. Much of this speculation comes from a lack of understanding and knowledge because of the fact that they have diminished slightly from everyday culture. The celtic knot dates back to after 450 AD and the designs are present in a range of different Christian artworks throughout the ages and even in the present day although in a more subtle way. There are a range of different types of celtic knots each with different meanings so here is a guide to some of those to help you discover the celtic knot meanings.


Trinity Knot.

The trinity knot is one of the more recognisable celtic symbols, its simple design has inspired the creation of many items of jewellery even in today’s modern world. There are three points on this know which are said to portray the Christian holy trinity – the father, the son and the holy ghost. This popular design is also used as a popular tattoo design which shows that there has been some survival of these ancient designs over such a long amount of time.


Celtic Spiral Knot.

The Celtic Spiral Knot is one of the oldest celtic knot designs out there, it has featured in a wide range of different things including art, architecture and books throughout the ages. This design also features three points which represent the forces of nature – water, fire and earth. Those who wear or use this symbol are said to feel more connected to nature and as this design is a single continuous design like many of the others on this list it also represents continuity and the singularity of one’s spirit.


Celtic Love Knot

The celtic love knot is a little more unique, it features an intertwining design that is representative of a couples love. Those who utilise this celtic knot are said to have a long lasting relationship with their spouses. During the time period in which this design was created the celts were said to exchange this Knot as a symbol of their love with their partner, much like we do nowadays. This shows the vast influence that Celtic knots have as we are still mimicking their traditions even now.


Sailors Knot.

The Sailors Knot gets its name as it is very possible that the design was created by Sailors. The Sailors Knot features an intertwining design which symbolises a person’s friendship and love. This is also considered to be one of the strongest knots and is very popular because of how simple it is to tie.


Dara Knot.

The Dara Knot is a unique one, although inspiration has clearly been taken from classically celtic designs it is thought to be more of a modern take on the traditional variations. It is said to mimic the root system of an oak tree and symbolises both personal and spiritual strength. As this design is considered to be more of a modern version we can see how these ancient knits have been carried throughout time.


Shield Knot.

The shield Knot is an example of an ancient celtic knot and as this is a symbol of protection it was used in battle as a means of deterring evil spirits and other potential dangers. There are variations made upon the design but the four corners must be included and typically the shield Knot is comprised of thick and tight patterns to reflect a sense of invincibility and protection. The shield Knot is still very popular within different types of jewellery which is possibly due to there still being some belief in this knots protective capabilities which again reflects how this traditional mindset is still around today.


Celtic Cross.

Finally, the celtic cross comes with different meanings bitb from the Christian and Pagan religion. The Christian meaning behind this Celtic knot is that it represents the cross on which Jesus was crucified and it is used to serve as a reminder of his sacrifice for us, following this it is also symbolic of gratitude. The pagan meaning for this Knot is that it symbolises the four directions, the meeting place for divine energies and the natural elements. The fact that this has multiple meanings behind shows how the knots were present within a variety of groups.

Top 4 Things to Look for in a Good Hotel

  • Location – The location makes a hotel, if you’re not close enough to those basic necessities or even the luxuries that you want to enjoy, then the holiday could be ruined. I would say that if you’re the type who enjoys the nightlife on holiday then look for a hotel close to the center as you are more likely to be slap bang in the middle of the hustle and bustle. However, if you enjoy the simpler things then maybe being close to a few basic shops and a breathtaking beach may be more suited to what you want.
  • Food and Drink – Of course the food and drink is an extremely important factor to consider when on holiday, one bad meal can ruin everything so I would totally recommend checking out some reviews on the board type your hotel offers and ratings on the food quality, we all love a good all inclusive but you have to be sure you can get yourself a nice meal.
  • Staff – The staff in a hotel should be polite and helpful and you should not be settling for anything less when you fork out so much money to stay in a hotel. Nothing should be too much of an ask and at the end of the day the hotel staff are being paid to offer you a brilliant service.
  • Entertainment – If you can’t find great entertainment on holiday then when can you whether it be from a pool or on site entertainment at night make sure your hotel has something you can enjoy. There are many family friendly hotels out there that can keep the kids entertained for hours maybe with a kids club or if it is an adult only trip then there is definitely entertainment catered for you also.