Travelling For Uni? Heres How to Make Friends

If you are someone that is looking to pursue further education, it is likely that you have looked into universities far from home. Though education is your main priority, a big part of the university experience is heading out to a brand new location and completely reinventing yourself.

When people choose the university that they are going to attend, they usually pick a university as far away as possible. This is because they want to experience something that is completely different from the life that they know.

I know that when I picked my university of choice, I wanted to pick somewhere that would allow me to experience a world that was completely different from the world that I knew. If you are someone that was brought up in the city, then you may decide to head to the countryside for some more relaxed living at university. If you were born in the country, then it is likely that you want a taste of what the city is like and so you may decide to head somewhere a bit busier.

Unless you are incredibly lucky, it is likely that you will be traveling to a university alone. Though this may be an exciting prospect, nobody likes going somewhere new without having any friends.

This is especially the case if you are heading somewhere completely new, as you may be intimidated by your surroundings and so having a companion with you to explore these surroundings may make you feel much more secure.

Though you may arrive alone, the university is actually a really great place to make friends and build connections that will last a lifetime. It is said that the friendships that you make in university are the friendships that you will keep for a lifetime and so you may be eager to find these friends.

If you are someone that isn’t very outgoing and you consider yourself to be quite shy, the idea of trying to make friends with new people may seem intimidating. It is likely that you have had your current friend group for some time and you don’t even remember making friends with them, so the idea of having to start again could be overwhelming. Here is how to make friends in uni.

Don’t Be Afraid to Talk to Your Coursemates

When you head to university, you will have a whole new group of coursemates to get used to. University is not the same as the usual school, as it is not as small and you can have hundreds of people in one class.

With so many people in one class, it can be intimidating and you may feel as though you have to keep to yourself. This is the last thing that you should do, as it is important to make friends with people on your course. By making friends on your course, you will have someone that you can confide in when you are stuck in your studies and you will have someone that can offer you the support that you need.

Join Societies

Something that you have probably heard a million times is that it is very important for you to join societies when you head to uni. Not only will it make your CV look good, but it will also give you the perfect opportunity to get to know brand new people.

When you are in a society, you feel as though you are part of a community and you can meet people that share your same kind personality and interests.

Get Involved in Events

In University, you will be invited to a long list of events. It can be tempting to ignore these events and choose to focus on your studies instead. Though your studies are important, you should still try and take part in these events.

Something that you will encounter a lot is pub quizzes. Pub quizzes are a great chance to meet new people and they are never usually that serious as they are usually just questions from pop culture and so you can just focus on having a good time rather than trying to get it all right.

Ge to Know Your Housemates

Unless you decide to live alone at university, you will have a lot of housemates that you will have to get to know. The last thing that you want is to spend all of your time in your room, as you will just feel uncomfortable in the place that you have to live.

Even if your housemates don’t really seem like your type of people, you are going to have to live with them for at least a year so you should at least get to know them a bit. Ask them about their life and what they are doing at uni, and you may realize that you have a lot more in common than you initially thought.

Gaming Conventions That You Have to Travel To

If you are someone who likes to play video games in their spare time then I would highly recommend that you visit a gaming convention at some point in your life. Not only is this just a great place to be around all things within the gaming industry, but it also provides an opportunity to join like-minded individuals who will be able to help show you new things that are being released as well as provide someone new to play games with when you go back home.

This article will be looking at four conventions that are happening all over the world, if you are able to travel to get there for the event then I would urge you to take the once in a lifetime opportunity for a fun-filled few days with people who enjoy the same popular gaming titles that you do. There are so many different events that it would be difficult to compile a list of all that is going on, with this in mind you should do some research of your own into what is happening around you. You may be surprised to find a convention happening right under your nose that you could go to.

MagFest – Washington

The first gaming convention that I would like to mention is MagFest taking place in Washington USA, this event is not one to be missed as there is so much going on. Join your favorite industry names who will be there for panel talks, new content showcases as well as showing off a huge range of exclusive merch. The great thing about this convention is that many brands in the gaming world will use this chance to make exclusive drops of new games that are going to be coming out as well as other collaborations and releases.

Minevention – Dublin

The next convention that you need to be aware of would have to be Minevention in Dublin, this is one of the biggest Minecraft conventions in the world so you should definitely consider going if you have the opportunity to do so. This event is one of the more relaxed and just provides a real opportunity to bring the community together. So whether you need advice on a creative build or you keep dying playing Bedwars and you want to find a new Bedwars server to play on, you should definitely try and get your tickets booked soon as they get snatched up very quickly.

BlizzCon – California

Blizzard games is a very big name within the industry, with popular titles such as WoW ( World of Warcraft) they have built up a huge following that comes together for Blizzcon on a yearly basis. With huge stalls filled with merchandise and Blizzard branded goods on sale, you could treat yourself to something new to show off your favorite games and characters. If you are eager to learn what the future looks like in terms of Blizzard’s new releases then BlizzCon is the place to be.

Minecraft The Exhibition

A final convention that is perfect for those of you that enjoy playing Minecraft would have to be Minecraft The Exhibition. This is a great special event to meet players of all ages and discuss aspects of the game like creative projects or minigame maps that you are working on bringing out. This convention is a little different as it also places focus on showcasing your work and maps to other people, you can get ratings, advice, and feedback on your maps and even invite other people to join in creating new things with you, making this event another to add to the calendar.

How To Live Your Below Deck Fantasy

During the lockdown, something that we can all agree on is that we become hooked on Below Deck. This show has been out for some time, but last year we all got hooked on it. With dozens of different series already released on popular streaming sites like Netflix and Prime, we were all able to binge the show, which got a lot of us thinking.

A lot of the people that worked on and hired the cruise ships on the show were living the life that we all wanted. Imagine, cruising around the world without a care in the world, it is what we all want.

Below Deck has plenty of drama, but above all, it has luxury, so much so that even the cruise workers get to experience it from time to time. If like me, you binged the show and have been left with an overwhelming feeling of envy, then you may have already been googling yachts and other things from the show.

The price point for these luxuries may be high, but that does not mean that they are unobtainable. Though you may believe that it is completely out of reach, there are ways that you can live your Below Deck fantasy, and here is how.

Look Into Deck or Steward Work

If you are someone that watched the show and you were not left jealous by the guests, but by the crew, then it may be worth looking into how you can do it yourself. Yachting has been around for decades upon decades and during this time yachting companies have been looking for reliable staff.

Working on yachts and cruising is likely not something that was promoted to you during your education, but you can actually make some decent money doing it, and it is a whole lot of fun.

If you think that you would like to take on a position as a deckhand, then be prepared for a whole lot of work. You need extensive training to be able to work on a boat as a deckhand, as expensive equipment and human lives are in your hand.

If you are someone that lives in or near a coastal town, then it is likely there will be some classes or volunteering that you can take part in to improve your skills. You have to remember that cruise ships and yachts are big vessels that require a lot of attention. Even if you have the right qualifications and you think that you are ready, you should first take the time to work on a smaller boat. This will allow you to gain some familiarity with the boats and will stop you from becoming overwhelmed when you do eventually decide to take to yachting.

If you have watched the show, then it has likely that you have felt jealous of the stewards. From the perspective of the rest of the yacht, the job of the steward does not seem too challenging. Stewards do a lot of entertaining, drink making and cleaning. For this reason, the idea of being a steward may be extremely appealing to you and it can actually be achieved quite easily. You do need some extensive training on aspects such as drink making and serving, but once you have done that then you will be ready to go.

Hire A Yacht

So the yachts that are used in Below Deck may be a bit out of your price range. This is especially the case when you think about the cost of the tip that is expected of you after you have enjoyed the holiday experience.

However, not all yachts cost the same amount as the ones on Below Deck, so you may find that you can afford to rent one. If you are someone that lives in Florida, then it is likely that you have already spent plenty of time in the water. However, something that you may not know is that if you go to Miami, then you can experience something super similar to Below Deck.

These yachts can be rented for a few days, meaning that you can take them to the seas and see some sites and play with water toys.

Of course, this will not be an extremely cheap experience, but it will be worth it in the end, as no other experience can compare to it. It is also a great opportunity to take some fantastic shots and make memories that you will never forget. The Miami coast also has some fantastic places to explore, which means that you can see some beautiful scenery and have a brilliant time.

Have a Luxury Beach Experience

Something that we all love about the show is the beach picnic experiences. These beach experiences always lead to a lot of drama for the staff, as it is really stressful to set up, which is great for entertainment value.

Though there tends to be a lot of drama, the staff always ends up setting up a fantastic beach picnic that leaves us all feeling jealous. You do not have to be left feeling jealous of these beach experiences, as you can recreate them on your own and it is very easy to do. Find a beach and pack a luxury picnic, including wine and even a cheeseboard and you can live like a luxury guest.